Scale of patterns are not perfectly represented. Styles 1 through 7 are adjustable in scale.
Please consult your sales representative regarding scalability of PIX styles.

Glass is a medium that until recently was limited in how graphic design can be integrated into the glass. PIX is a leap forward in not only how the design is integrated but with the limitless features and flexibility that digital imaging offers our customers.

All of our patterning is done on the interlayer of laminated safety glass. The benefit is not only the sound attenuation that laminated glass offers, but also the maintenance required when surface frosting the glass.

The benefits of PIX designs are that they can be:

  • Increased or decreased in scale
  • Continuously tiled in non repeating elevations
  • Made in custom colors
  • Made in a variety of color densities from solid to frost
  • Printed in white
  • Be produced in customized layouts
  • Produced in sizes up to 96" x 180"
  • Integrated with novelty glass

PIX allows the designer to play with a design without costly set ups for sampling and production, while offering the ability to create unique graphics throughout an interior or exterior and keeping the pricing per square foot the same no matter how many custom patterns are introduced.

Select any of our designs, or create your own. Discover how easy it can be to bring graphics into your next project.


Produced in sizes up to 96" x 180"