LGT™ — Light Glass Technology

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Light Glass Technology

In many installations there are times when an opaque glass, such as PINTURA or mirror, when the glass needs to be panelized with or without a mechanical connector. Our product called LIGHT GLASS TECHNOLOGY (LGT) is the product of choice when these types of requirements need to be met. Mechanical connections to the wall or a ceiling can improve overall strength and safety in many installations, while still maintaining a minimal weight per square foot.

We start with an aluminum honeycomb core with aluminum facings. To that core we can laminate a piece of any glass type and thickness whether annealed or tempered. The honeycomb core will allow us to affix z-clips to the back, which then allows the installer to mechanically connect the panel to a framing system, or just adhere the panel to the wall using a standard adhesive. The honeycomb adds rigidity to even the thinnest glass material. The material becomes a laminated composite that complies with all standards as governed by ASTM C 1172 and CPSC 16CFR 1201.