Pulp Studio provides unlimited design capabilities that can achieve unique options for each specific job. This website includes only a sampling of our products. We can provide you with laminated glass that includes our fiber series, textures, colors, graphics, photographic elements and a variety of other substrates. In preparation of individual patterns, we can also increase the level of opacity or transparency as desired. Each piece of Pulp Studio glass is individually fabricated to size from our customer’s specifications.

Pulp Studio Glass produces materials with a variety of decorative and graphic interlayer as well as a large selection of pattern glasses and custom glass applications.

All of our glass is produced in Los Angeles and shipped from our local facility after our internal inspection process. Pulp Studio products provide safety glass with enhanced UV protection, sound attenuation and superior maintenance qualities.

What makes Pulp Studio unique is our commitment to provide a variety of glass materials that comply with all of the necessary architectural safety requirements. Recognizing the role of today’s architect and designer is to not only introduce attractive materials into their project, but to also consider that these materials can maintain the necessary compliance with building codes.

As a glass resource we can offer specialty glass materials in almost any category.

When you begin your relationship with Pulp Studio you will learn to understand that just because you haven’t seen it doesn’t mean we can’t make it for you. All of our sales staff understand that design requirements evolve. Our role is to help each designer achieve their vision. We are here to help you do that. Do not hesitate to approach us with even your wildest ideas; just try not to do it every day.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.