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DermaAR™️ is an anti-reflective option to our ultra-thin, highly durable DermaGlass®. DermaAR™️ is a 1.3mm, low-iron glass that comes in sizes up to 58" - 118".

It is exceptionally strong, flexible, lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant. And it can be used with our Pintura back-painted coating or laminated with graphic interlayers. Making it not only highly resilient, but also extremely versatile in both architectural and elevator cab installations.

It can also be laminated to itself or to honeycomb core for safety. Now that it’s been brought to your attention, we’ll let you envision all the possibilities.

Pulp Studio DermaAR and DermaGlass. More sight, less weight. Our thin, high, strength glass now comes with an anti-reflective option.