Formations, a collection of kiln formed glass, takes on a truly artisan quality. The collection of kiln formed glass come in sizes up to 60" x 120" and is ideal for specialized applications. Formed glass takes on a truly artisan quality and can be used in a wide array of applications as wall partitioning, counter tops and railings to name a few. All of our textures are designed to be offered in a variety of clear or tinted glass in the appropriate thickness for your installation. Formation can be tempered or laminated to comply with all of the necessary safety standards required by your local building requirements.

Our standard patterns are just the beginning of the range of textures that can be created. Using a variety of molding techniques in combination with both tinted, low iron and color applied glass we can create custom patterns translated from an idea into a reality.

Please note that with specialty glass, we ask that you always call us to clarify your use to see if there are elements that need to be considered prior to issuing a specification.


Maximum Size: 60” x 120”


Thicknesses: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4". *Some patterns are available thicker than 3/4" but cannot be tempered.