• Pulp Vacheron Constantin Retouched (1)

Vacheron Constantin Flagship

New York, NY

Architect: Design Republic

Glazier: Aurora Glazing Solutions

Suppliers: Garibaldi Glass, Metro Aluminum, Apex Extrusions



Nestled between Madison and Park Avenue, the North American Flagship Vacheron Constantin honors the company’s deep roots in the United States. In 1831, Jacques Barthélémi Vacheron first expressed his ambitions of extending business from Switzerland to the United States and by 1832, Vacheron Constantin established its first office in New York. Today, the Vacheron Constantin flagship proudly spans over an impressive 4,500 square feet, covering two floors. The store’s glass façade opens directly onto 57th Street, inviting city walkers to explore the artistry inside. A brass design in the shape of a Maltese Cross, which is Vacheron Constantin’s insignia, also encompasses the glass exterior.

The Vacheron Constantin flagship remains true to the Swiss company’s traditional roots while also inviting a touch of modernity, exquisitely celebrating the essence of the company’s craftsmanship. Visitors are welcomed to embark on an interactive experience at the store, with an open discovery table to uncover crafts and techniques, as well as digital archives and a rotating exhibition space. The second floor features a watchmaking bench, where clients are encouraged to interact with an in-house watchmaker and custom strap station, creating a truly unique shopping experience.

Pulp Studio supplied all insulated glass units for this project, some of which is made with their proprietary Chromavision™ metallic coating, which utilizes high precision fabrics as a substrate to create a lustrous, reflective look. During the day, Chromavision™ gives the storefront a look of inserted metal panels with the allure of a light screened effect at night. From inside the store, customers are still able to look out as if it were a one-way mirror.