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UCLA Ackerman Union Building

Los Angeles, California

Lead Artist: Artist, activist and UCLA professor emeritus Judith Baca

Artist’s Assistants: Gina Leon, Daniel Barajas, Josel Cruz, Rebecca Freise, Cristina Girod, Tania Godoroja Pearse

SPARC Digital Mural Lab Team: Carlos Rogel, Kevin Burgos and Pilar Castillo

Others: UCLA Centennial Committee, Associated Students UCLA (ASUCLA), Digital Mural Lab from the Social and Public Art Resource Center (SPARC)

Installed By: Rountree Glass


Pulp Studio created a mineral-ingrained glass mural that, unlike frescos, will maintain its integrity as a permanent fixture on UCLA’s Ackerman Union Building for years to come.

Titled “La Memoria de la Tierra: UCLA,” which translates into English as “The Memory of Earth: UCLA. Artist, activist and professor emeritus Judith Baca illustrates the excavation of Westwood, which is the local village near UCLA’s campus. The story of Westwood flows over three 26-foot-long panels, which begins with a tribute to the land. In the second segment, the artist pays homage to the many men and women who have shaped the UCLA community beyond the physical borders of the campus. The final segment of the artwork represents an imaginative depiction of the future in which the ever-changing university is in harmony with the original land.

The mural is a 9/16” tempered and laminated glass with SentryGlas Plus.  On the face there is an anti-reflective/non-glare coating. The first and fourth surfaces of the mural feature Pulp Studio’s D2G™ imaging process, which digitally prints the artwork with ceramic inks directly onto the glass and then fired to 650 C degrees for permanent bonding to the glass; aka digital ceramic frit. The image is captured top/bottom and has polished verticals.