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Tiffany & Co. 

Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta, GA

In collaboration with Blue Water Glass



The design theme was a heavily textured, kiln formed, Pulp Studio Formation Low Iron Laminated Glass that is backlit in the Tiffany & Co. signature blue.

The glass of this storefront was formed on custom high temperature molds in kilns with temperatures above 1,460 F in 12-hour heating cycles, followed by a 14-hour cooling cycle to minimize thermal shock breakage and warping/bowing.

The molds were machined on multi-axis machining centers, mapped for pattern match in vertical and horizontal lites for the textured pattern to flow through the glass butt joints.

To ensure proper lamination with Eastman’s Structural DG41, the individual lites were kilned in pairs to allow the back side depressions of the top lites to fit in the recessed surface of the bottom lites.

The panels were fabricated with holes and finished edges for accurate match up from outboard lite to inboard lite after being formed in the kiln. Once the panels were formed and matched, they were fully tempered and vacuum bagged with autoclave lamination.