Pulp Studio’s PIX Imaging™ and Pintura MarkerBoard are utilized in the just-completed McKinnon Center for Global Affairs installation at Occidental College.

Santa Monica-based architecture firm Belzberg Architects Group was tasked with renovating one of Occidental College’s buildings, and the finished project features a two-story “digital Post-it wall” to host students’ presentations and projects. The redesign focused on how students think, learn and interact with technology on such a vast scale and is situated in the inner atrium of the century-old Johnson Hall

The wall’s features include programmable LED lights installed in bright pops of color, and the t10 embedded displays on which students can view imagery, videos and presentations created by their peers. The students are also able to download a project they’re particularly interested in directly to their laptop or tablet through a specially designed app.

Pulp Studio and California Glass Bending collaborated to create the glass used on the project. The material has multiple areas where the glass transitions as a compound bend both vertically and horizontally. The graphics in the glass were created using Sentryglas Expressions with each piece being completely unique to the graphic and the shape.

The face of all of the pieces of glass were then slightly textured using Pulp Studio’s MicroFrost technique . Special attention was paid to the monitor areas where the frosting technique went from full frost to clear as a fade around the perimeter of each monitor.

Like any job reinventing the wheel is always a challenge, but the results speak for themselves as to the uniqueness of the design and installation.

Check out the video to see the wall in full operation.