Pulp Studio we are dedicated to preserving the environment. We strive to achieve developments in GREEN innovations in our offering of glass products wherever possible.
Water-Based Paint System

Pulp Studio is the first in the industry to use a water-based paint system for our Pintura product line that has zero VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content in the installed product. We are committed to developing products with environmental benefits, free of emission of hazardous materials and improve the environmental footprint of their products throughout their life cycle.

LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) guidelines have been created for architectural coatings to be used in their typical applications. Their products are always factory applied and therefore carry with them the further commitment of not only the compliance at site installation under LEED EQc4.1, but also compliant when the coating is applied at the factory as well as the disposal of the unused paints and cleaning materials after application. The benefit of water-based materials is their ability to be evaporated and disposed of with a minimal amount of environmental impact; where as a solvent based paint must be processed to prevent the VOC impact on the general air quality. The coatings industry is filled with third party organizations that have established a set of guidelines that define what is considered a standard for compliance to be a GREEN coating product.

True Green Infrastructure with Major Investment in Solar Power

Pulp Studio has long been a leader in recycling of all its water and glass waste, but the company has just made a major commitment in two additional areas: in the later part of 2019 and 2020 the company will be adding the distillation of all paint waste, bundling and recycling of all its paper waste and they’ve just signed a contract for a three million dollar solar panel and battery storage system.

The new solar system should generate daily output in the area of 607.5 kw of power, roughly 40% of the factory’s total daily consumption. Although this new system doesn’t yet completely remove the company from the grid this is a major step in that direction.