Pulp Studio, the leading designers and manufacturers of technically superior decorative glass, wins a PIA Award from Architectural Products magazine for its PRECISION EDGE® technology. PRECISION EDGE® is a proprietary process exclusive to Pulp Studio delivering a high quality, zero-tolerance finish with perfect alignment for both tempered and annealed laminated glass handrails.

“Building on the success of past programs, the tenth edition of the PIA awards proves commercial building manufacturers are committed to, and are working arduously toward, delivering products that deliver better performance, life and affordability, that keep pace with ever-shifting market requirements,” states Jim Crockett, Editorial Director for Architectural Products magazine. With judging and evaluation of products and systems from a distinguished panel of 22 designers and product specialists skilled in product evaluation, the PIA program awarded Pulp Studio’s PRECISION EDGE® based on attributes, qualities, functionality and/or performance beyond industry standards.

“The exposed edges on glass handrails are an aesthetic detail you don’t want to overlook,” states Bernard Lax, founder and CEO of Pulp Studio. “Codes require that handrail glass be laminated, but high-quality edgework is still imperative for the integrity of the design. With PRECISION EDGE®, designers and property managers do not have to accept a pre-polished laminate product when a better option is available. We’re honored that this innovative solution was awarded for Architectural Products magazine’s prestigious PIA Awards.”