Pulp Studio has dedicated a “factory-within-a-factory” to efficiently produce and maintain an inventory of glass samples to allow for quick turnaround to designers ongoing.

“In our proactive approach, we built an independent Micro Factory that only produces samples,” states Bernard Lax founder and CEO of Pulp Studio. “The Micro Factory has every machine that we would use for normal production such as a small double edger a sample autoclave, a small water jet, etc.”

While stock samples are important, there is a significant demand for custom product and as a result, the company works on approximately 50 custom samples daily with a turnaround of less than five working days. In total, Pulp Studio averages 200 samples a day including resource, approval and prototypes. It takes a dedicated and independent internal team to coordinate, track and manage this entire process ongoing.

“While a major investment in time, money and labor, sampling is a jumping-off point for design collaboration,” concludes Lax.