Pulp Studio was founded in 1996 by Lynda and Bernard Lax out of necessity. They couldn’t find a glass fabricator to create custom glass for their new home, so they developed a way to embed decorative paper into glass for their dining room, kitchen, and powder room. Their background in the textile industry and their business acumen and creativity fueled the success of Pulp Studio. Over the years, Lynda and Bernard pioneered decorative glass for commercial applications and grew their company into a leader and innovator in the glass industry.

Today, Pulp Studio has more than 150 employees whose capabilities include bending, color coating, glass carving, direct-to glass print imaging, chemical strengthening and more. Every project, whether it’s creating glass panels for the Space Needle’s observation deck or printing glass installations for community sculptures, is another opportunity for Pulp Studio to further enrich the idea of glass as an artistic endeavor.

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