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The Gores Group Building

Beverly Hills, CA

Belzberg Architects Group

An existing three-story building in Beverly Hills, CA was transformed by Belzberg Architects into the stunning new work spaces for Gores Group, a global private equity firm. The glass façade, which is one of its distinctive attributes, was created by Pulp Studio in collaboration with California Glass Bending, a company Pulp acquired and subsequently merged into its new 150,000 sq. ft., $13.5 million state-of-the-art glass manufacturing facility in Gardena, CA.

Prominently situated in the heart of Beverly Hills, this intriguing glass facade consists of a PVB substrate sandwiched between slabs of slumped glass. This system was developed uniquely for this project and makes use of Sentry Glass Expressions (SGX), a patented Dupont technology produced under license to Pulp Studio.

The substrate in this instance is printed with a pattern that accentuates the curves of the glass, filters views, provides privacy and improves the natural light while the thickness of the panels reduces sound and vibration from the busy street.

The shape, thickness, curvature and pattern of the panels may be customized for indoor or outdoor use in sizes up to 96 by 180 inches and has the advantage of superior sustainability in exteriors over other products in the market.