Imaging in Glass D2G™

Imaging in Glass PGI™

Imaging in Glass PIX™

Imaging in Glass PIX™

Imaging in Glass PIX™ encompasses a group of graphic imaging processes offered by Pulp Studio.

Multiple methods of creating high resolution images directly on or laminated within the glass, each process has its own characteristics and intended application but all result in the highest quality image available for your specific decorative glass installation. There is not one perfect process for all images and through the different processes we offer we can find the right one for your project.

PIX™ is our solution for interior and exterior graphic elements. The images are printed onto a PVB substrate. One of the major benefits of this system is its ability to remain sustainable in direct sunlight. Although it can be used for both for interior and exterior installations, it does have the advantage of exterior sustainability over other products in the marketplace. The images can be printed in white with a the maximum printable width of 96”.