JuxtaPOSE combines our PIX patterns and mirror to bring out unique ambience. With Juxtapose N/C (No Color), patterns can be back-lit for even more unique impression. Juxtapose integrates the use of standard mirror with patterning applied, but always from the back. Gone are the maintenance issues of frosting on the face of the mirror. The process allows us to put very detailed patterning on the back of the glass and leave it either as a frosted effect for back lighting, or a backed painted material for a wall installation. Patterning can be selected from one of our PIX patterns or custom designed.

Please note that with specialty glass, we ask that you always call us to clarify your use to see if there are elements that need to be considered prior to issuing a specification.


60" x 120" with larger sizes available upon request


Minimum thickness: 1/8”, Annealed monolithic: up to 3/4" ; Laminated as thick as: 1-1/2”