Our collaboration with textile company Bart Halpern brings an atmosphere of texture and manipulation of light to unique line of architectural panels.

Sandwiched between two layers of glass, Bart Halpern pleats take on an individual life unto itself. The organic characteristics of the fabrics come to life. Light is diffused to divide a room without use of nothing more than the ambient light passing through the glass panels. Today’s need for minimal maintenance, glass is a perfect medium for architectural elements. Safety, privacy, sound attenuation and energy saving are a few elements of laminated glass.

We offer 7 styles in 5 color ways. Let your imagination be the catalyst of your design.

Glass Types and Shapes:
Clear, Low Iron, tinted and Heat Strengthened glass are commonly used. (We recommend the use of low iron glass for color clarity of these materials) Shapes, fabrication and hardware can be customized for the needs of the installation. All glass quality complies with ASTM C 1172 safety standards for laminated glass, produced with a formulated inter layer and substrate designed to laminate under heat and pressure between two pieces of clear glass.