Antique Mirror Nü Reflections

Nu Reflections is a representation of an old world look with a modern flair. Using antique and standard mirror as a base we can conjure up old artisan techniques, such as gold veining, through the use of modern invention. Design your own pattern, or use old school patterning popular in the 60's. We apply it to the back of the mirror and apply color to it to make it pop out on the front. The overall appearances changes very little and can be engineered to perfectly match as mirrors are lined up on the wall. Whatever mirror you pick they can all be used for anything from interior décor to small pre-cut mosaics for walls and columns or furniture.

Please note that with specialty glass, we ask that you always call us to clarify your use to see if there are elements that need to be considered prior to issuing a specification.

Patterned glass is random and may be hard to discern from a small sample. You can evaluate the overall pattern to scale of the entire sheet by hitting the dimensions switch (on/off) under each image.


Standard dimensions: 60" x 120" Larger sizes available upon request.


Minimum thickness: 3/16”; Maximum thickness: laminated to 1-1/2”