Antique Mirror Ghost Mirror

Made by hand the overall appearances change with every mirror and the random quality is typical of the style. When considering the use of these mirrors always plan for the random nature and be prepared to be surprised every time. Whatever mirror you pick they can all be used for anything from interior décor to small pre-cut mosaics for walls and columns.

The materials are available as either annealed or laminated products and can be fabricated to achieve the design intent. Experience and technique, simulated by creativity and imagination have produced a wide range of possibilities and utilization of silvered flat glass.

Please note that with specialty glass, we ask that you always call us to clarify your use to see if there are elements that need to be considered prior to issuing a specification.


Standard dimensions: 60" x 120" Larger sizes available upon request.


Minimum thicknesss: 1/8”, Annealed monolithic: 3/4", laminated to: 1-1/2”