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Fontainebleau, Las Vegas, NV


In collaboration with Giroux, Los Angeles



The dynamic sultriness of Miami meets the extravagant opulence of Sin City at the Fontainebleau Resort in Las Vegas. Presiding over the north end of the Strip, Fontainebleau spans 67 stories, offering convenient access to all of the city’s iconic sights, over 170,000 square feet of gaming space, an array of world-class restaurants and shops, exquisite resort pools, lively nightlife and a serene wellness spa.

 Within Fontainebleau’s expansive array of signature dining options lies Komodo. Born in Miami, Komodo fuses the bold and electric flavors of Southeast Asia with the lavish flair of Las Vegas. World-renowned for its captivating décor and vibrant ambiance, the interior of Komodo allows diners to escape to a dimly lit, futuristic rainforest filled with bamboo pillars, scarlet orchids and luscious banquettes. Komodo offers a unique and immersive dining experience, featuring a menu full of delicious takes on prominent dishes from the region, artisanal specialty cocktails and a buzzing social scene.

For this project, Pulp Studio supplied a version of Infinity Mirror, a product that utilizes a one-way reflective glass opposite to a mirror to create the illusion of an infinity object. This effect elevates the entrance of Komodo, producing a visually captivating, multidimensional look. To achieve this, the glass makeup on one side was Bronze tint laminated onto a One Way Bronze Reflective glass, which was then strategically positioned opposite a Bronze mirror. Pulp Studio also supplied Bronze mirror wall cladding for restaurant’s interior, ensuring aesthetic continuity throughout.