Pulp Studio has added to its rich catalog with the introduction of The VETRITE® Collection for Pulp Studio by SICIS. Pulp Studio is partnering with the legendary Italian SICIS Factory to create a curated collection of large format decorative glass to be fabricated for walls, floors, counter surfaces, furniture, doors, lighting and more.

With an artful fusion of color, metal and texture in an innovative large glass format measuring up to 47.25”x110”, VETRITE is ideal for contract and hospitality settings. It’s durable, scratch-proof surface does not require waterproofing and can be customized for nearly any surface application with straight or beveled edging. Upon request, further customization and treatment for hydrophilic and photocatalytic properties will enhance the surface to become self-cleaning and antibacterial.

“VETRITE allows the architect to think freely about cladding, without any kind of constraints,” states Bernard Lax, founder and CEO of Pulp Studio. “We saw an opportunity to partner with the innovative Italian SICIS Factory to create a unique collection that has virtually limitless application flexibility. It hits all the hot trends for contract and hospitality design with impressive color, texture, metal and scale. It’s also really durable and easy to maintain. VETRITE is truly the ultimate decorative solution.”