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Bar Zazu at

Resorts World

Las Vegas, NV

Moser Architecture Studio (Architect)

W.A. Richardson Builders (GC)

PK Delp Structural Engineering (Glazing Structural Engineer)

AK Design Network (Interior Design)

Shamrock Metals (metal fabricator)

Pulp Studio (glass supplier/fabricator)

Austin Millwork (metal installer)

Bar Zazu is an upscale tapas restaurant and European café that opened in December 2021 at Resorts World on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Pulp Studio worked with Giroux Glass and W.A. Richardson to source, fabricate, and install custom glass and mirror systems for the restaurant, which features a mirrored bar and a wall of electronic art that slowly moves and changes.

Nearly every piece of glass and mirror was custom-measured and individually ordered. No part of the elaborate and innovative design used standard measurements, so no items could be purchased in bulk.

The ceiling glass pieces were patterned with elliptical cutouts to adhere to the creative design, which called for invisible anchoring while meeting all code specifications.

The bar was created to resemble a UFO, with LED lights that color-change the edges of the mirror glass to create an illusion of otherworldliness. Ranging from soft greens to blues, these dancing lights accent and reflect the mirror glass, making the space appear almost infinite, even intergalactic.

“The overall Resorts World project required thousands of square feet of glass, mirrors, handrails and more,” states Kirk Johnson, COO for Pulp Studio in Gardena, CA. “We worked closely with Giroux, especially on the laminated ceiling mirrors in custom patterns. Working together in perfect tandem, Pulp Studio and Giroux were able to make every luxurious custom piece fit precisely – just like a puzzle.”

The bar’s back wall features wall-to-wall mirrors, both straight and curved. Mirrors used for the bottle shelving are individual pieces of glass that precisely follow the curve of the walls.

Zazu’s shiny metallic wine room is visible from the restaurant’s exterior, and the deli’s dark blue glass backdrop beckons patrons into this unique area. The wine room has 9/16″ thick bronze annealed laminated glass that is custom-sized and color-matched and 5/16″ custom blue annealed laminated glass that matches the deli.

Custom colored fuchsia annealed laminated mirror glass with “V”- grooved carving is part of the lounge seating area. It contrasts with the surrounding dark blue substrates to add intrigue and beauty.

Pulp Studio “carved” the glass to give the appearance of individual mirror pieces for the desired effect. The locations of the carved “V” grooves were staggered, including 4″, 8″, and 11″ wide spacing. The ceiling lines of the carved mirrors appear concentric to the eye.

Giroux Glass sketched out a design of an elliptical-shaped trim to house the Pulp Studio, 7/16″ thick, low iron tempered glass with white translucent interlayer – the eye of the disk. Shamrock then fabricated the piece. These steps allowed for the glass to be removable so the light behind it may be serviced when necessary.