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Perception is not always the same as the reality

Perception is not always the same as the reality


/ pər'sepSH(ə)n / noun.

a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

I recently asked a customer of ours while attending a trade show what came to his mind when he thought of Pulp Studio. His answer: "the company that makes back painted glass and specialty laminates for interiors."

I guess we deserved that because as we grew we didn't really make much of an effort to change that perception, and I assume that many other people perceive us exactly the same way.

Of course our name screams that validation loud and clear. I mean the word "STUDIO". Yikes! If that doesn't seem quaint I don't know what does, and while the company and selection of our offered products has evolved, the perception has not. I think it is time to change that!


/ rē'alədē / noun.

the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them.

Pulp Studio was founded 20 years ago with a simple idea. To utilize glass as a fashion element within architectural applications. The original designs were easily understood concepts placing textiles and papers substrates into laminated glass.

Now 20 years later that simple concept is no longer simple, and our product range includes decorative and specialty glass for every application across the field of architecture in both interior and exterior installations.

To facilitate the studio's ongoing expansion Pulp Studio purchased California Glass Bending in 2012, allowing us the opportunity to not only provide all of our decorative products in bent shapes, but to expand our base into higher quality commodity influenced materials.

Today Pulp Studio and California Glass Bending are housed in the same 150,000 s/f facility that we still like to refer to as "our little studio". The studio is equipped with a collection of processing equipment and glass inventory rarely seen in one place, now located in Gardena, California, just 10 minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport. (If you want to come for a visit don't miss the Falcon 9 exhibit at SpaceX on your way).

We are no longer that small art glass company that you might think we are, but if you have an artisitic project for your front door, facade, canopy or 50,000 s/f of handrail, we will happily assist you to realize your vision.

Let us update you on our capabilities by clicking on the link below. I think you will find that our REALITY is something that might surprise you.

Bernard Lax
Chief Executive Officer

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