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The politically correct way to say “MYOB.”

SwitchLite from Pulp Studio.

Go from public to full privacy with a flip of a switch.

Now certified to SGCC, ETL, and UL standards


Go from public to full privacy with a flip of a switch.

Since the birth of glass, window treatments have been used to solve the seemingly impossible problem of balancing privacy with the unobstructed flow of light.

Blinds, curtains, shutters—all of them told prying eyes to “mind your own business.” But until SwitchLite Privacy Glass, these solutions were a compromise.

Now you can have the ultimate. All the light you could want but with total MYOB privacy at the flick of a switch. The secret is a Liquid Crystal sheet permanently bonded between two layers of glass.

Power on, and the glass is clear. Power off, and the glass goes translucent. Privacy at the speed of light.


See It for Yourself. Just Flip the Switch.

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Here’s how SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ works:

The secret of the transformation between clear glass and translucent glass is found in the Liquid Crystal sheet. In their non-energized state, the Liquid Crystal molecules disperse light. When voltage is applied, however, these same molecules arrange themselves in a specific direction in a way that permits parallel light to pass through the glass.

  • OFF = Translucent
  • ON = Clear


Whatever unknown architect at the dawn of time invented the window must have had an inkling that SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ would one day be developed. It’s the most versatile window treatment you can use.



  • Conference Presentations

    SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ can transform presentation rooms. For instance, sensors and switches enable glass panels to alternate between clear and translucent in time to music. You can also turn windows into screens on which images can be projected. The presentation possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

  • Skylights

  • Hospitals/Clinics

    SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ partitions are a perfect alternative to conventional curtains in a variety of dental and medical applications. The glass is easier to keep clean and won’t attract dust like blinds or fabric curtains.

  • Skylights

    When connected to a timer or computer, you can program the Privacy Glass to go clear or translucent even when you’re not at home.

  • Home Fronts

  • Bathrooms

    Easy to clean and impervious to water, SwitchLite Privacy Glass is the perfect application for a unique, light-filled bathroom. You’ve got total privacy on demand.


Glass and Installation Thickness:

Glass thickness is the actual thickness of the glass. Installation thickness combines the glass and the Edge Protector. Edge Protectors are always required on all top and bottom edges.

Glass Thickness Installation Thickness
1/8" 13/32"
3/16" 9/16"
1/4" 5/8"

Maximum Glass Panel Dimensions:

48” x 110” (for additional sizing options please call)

Power Requirement:

100V AC, 50/60 Hz 1.2W/sf

Switch Response Time:

  • OFF to ON: Approx. 1/1000 sec.
  • ON to OFF: Approx. 1/1000 sec.

Parallel Light Transmission:

  • ON: Light transmittance, 75% ±3% , Haze 6.5% ±2%
  • OFF: light transmittance, 75% ±3%, Haze >94%

Electrical Lead Wires:

All lead wires are provided 48" long from the center top edge of each panel.

Glazed Joints:

Panels may be produced with polished edges on two sides giving the installer the ability to glaze the vertical joints with a compatible sealant.

Edge Protectors:

SwitchLite panels are produced with our permanent edge protectors. When ordering, be sure to consider these dimensions for a perfect fit. (See illustrations below.)

Edge Protectors

Glass Combinations

SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ can be made with various types of glass combinations as the chart below illustrates. Additional types are available upon request. (*parenthesis indicates combined thickness.)

  1/8" Clear Glass 3/16" Clear Glass 1/4" Clear Glass
1/8" Clear Glass (5/16")    
1/8" Tinted Glass (5/16")    
3/16" Clear Glass (7/16")  
3/16" Tinted Glass (7/16")  
1/4" Clear Glass (9/16")
1/4" Tinted Glass (9/16")
1/4" Clear Glass (9/16")

Interior Mounting Units

The type of SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ varies depending on installation needs. “Interior” means that the Privacy Glass units will be mounted in a location where there is no possibility of contact with water.

Exterior/Interior Mounting Units

In all cases, whether for indoor or for outdoor applications, where SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ units are to be installed in a place that is exposed to water, all units are considered “Exterior” units. All “Exterior” units must be properly sealed. On “Exterior” installations, edge protectoirs are used on all four sides unless you plan on glazing panels together.

Exclusive Power Switching

SwitchLite Privacy Glass™ requires the use of a special power transfer box model S200. This controller allows for the use of virtually any type of switch and easily interfaces with many remote controlled systems.