Pintura™ is the first color sheet glass products in the market with water based coating system. It is also one of the few no-VOC glass coatings available and therefore it has zero environmental impact from the manufacturing of the paint to the application and disposal of any paint waste.

Pintura™ is extremely durable colors are applied by spray coating in multiple layers, providing the smoothest and most consistent colors even for small runs, and because Pintura™ is cured in controlled conditions, the finish is permanently bonded to the surface, guaranteeing that when fabricated it will not peel, chip or otherwise separate from the surface.

Pintura™ is available in standard colors as shown below, or contact us for custom colors.

The Pintura™ colors shown on this web page are digitally simulated. For more accurate color representation please contact the Pulp Studio salesperson for your area and request physical samples.