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Architectural Decorative Glass

FONDO™—Glass Flooring


Airy yet durable flooring solution—FONDO™ Glass Flooring.

Sample patterns:

  • FONDO™ Glass Flooring sample pattern (1/4)
  • FONDO™ Glass Flooring sample pattern (2/4)
  • FONDO™ Glass Flooring sample pattern (3/4)
  • FONDO™ Glass Flooring sample pattern (4/4)

Pulp Studio's FONDO™ Glass Flooring is a series of glass patterns specifically engineered for use as the top surface of a glass floor. Our multiple patterns all carry with it a listing with Underwriters Laboratory as an approved floor surface material. Combined with minimal hardware, FONDO™ provides an elegant look that allows light to travel well beyond the floor or staircase.

Flooring and stair treads can be designed and engineered for a variety of designs with a minimum thickness generally being at a minimum of 1" and as thick as required to maintain both the required dead and live loads associated with the installed application. We can combine a variety of glass types and thickness, decorative substrates, warning stripes for transitional changes and custom edgework to create unique designs enhancing a designer’s vision. FONDO™ can even be combined with our GLO system to illuminate floor panels in a depth as little as 1 ½".

Due to the many different floor designs and engineering requirements it is difficult to standardize exactly the type of glass and thickness your design may require, but we will assist you in any way we can to determine your final floor requirement.

Please note that with specialty glass there are always elements of the product that may or may not be acceptable for your installation requirements. We ask that you always call us to clarify your use to see if there are elements that need to be considered prior to issuing a specification.