Pulp Studio

Architectural Decorative Glass

Cork Cork


You may think that the name of this collection is obvious, but so obvious that we had to say it twice? Actually the name was inspired by an old bar trick done with two corks. The trick always starts with the person saying "Cork Cork" and it seemed that this name was appropriate.

We use a variety of cork substrates and we have developed an opaque look that is perfect for wall paneling, floors, table tops or your next wine locker.

Design Applications:

  • Wall Partitioning
  • Door Lites
  • Tabletops
  • Office Dividers
  • Store Fronts
  • Signage
  • Furniture
  • Handrails
  • Skylights
  • Windows
  • Light Fixtures
  • Wall Panels
  • Elevator Cab Paneling
  • Floors

Minimum thickness for the Cork Cork collection is 5/16” and can be as thick as 1 1/2”.

Due to the different types of products we manufacture, it is difficult for us to establish a standard dimension for sheet size. Within the variety of materials we use we have established guidelines for each category. We ask that you always confirm the sheet size parameter for the material you use.

Please note that with specialty glass there are always elements of the product that may or may not be acceptable for your installation requirements. We ask that you always call us to clarity your use to see if there are elements that need to be considered prior to issuing a specification.

Short Form Specifications:

Please provide Pulp Studio, reference #, description, Architectural Glass as manufactured by Pulp Studio, Los Angeles, California, USA, phone (310) 815-4999, in sizes indicated on “drawings” provided.All designs for doors must specify hardware, manufacturer of hardware and detailed drawings for purpose of fabrication. All glass quality to comply with detailed drawings for purpose of fabrication. All glass quality to comply with ASTM C 1172 safety standards for laminated glass, produced with a formulated inter layer and substrate designed to laminate under heat and pressure between two pieces of clear (thickness, type and color) glass.