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Aesthetic, Performance, and Maintenance free design


Pulp Studio's Chromavision™ was created with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Its futuristic composition lends characteristics that are both appealing to the eye and efficient in its performance.

Chromavision™ utilizes high precision fabrics as a substrate for its unique metallic coating. When applied to just one side of the fiber mesh, the metallic coating displays a lustrous reflective look.

Additionally the reflective nature of the coating has a significant influence on thermal conductivity to the opposite side of the glass. The reverse side of the fabric is neutral in color and provides the feel of a pleasantly shaded room with one-way vision to the exterior.

Our standard Chromavision™ mesh is available in
three varying degrees of open area and visibility
in the standard copper, brass and aluminum finishes.

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Gold

Download Chromavision™ Spec Sheet (PDF/269Kb)

Chromavision™ C

With aluminum finish and colored face, Chromavision C™ introduces a whole new offering and architectural use.

Chromavision C™ offers the one way vision capability with highly reflective and vibrant colored face and slightly tinted visibility from the inside