Latest Happenings at Pulp Studio HQ in Los Angeles, CA

Pulp Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Switch on – Switch off – Switchlite

After years of design and engineering challenges Pulp Studio is proud to announce that our Switchlite Privacy Glass is now ETL recognized to meet UL standards in addition to being certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council (SGCC). Electricians and building inspectors have been clamoring for these markings for years to comply with the codes of their local municipalities. As far as we know we are the only company in the United States meeting these standards.

DuPont™ Chestnut Run Comes Alive

After years of planning and construction, the campus of DuPont has finally realized a new generation of architecture. For decades the DuPont campus has been home to very traditional red brick structures whose function has provided the necessary housing of its  operations. Now in 2012 DuPont has moved into the present  form and function of modern architecture. Slated to build three new buildings, DuPont retained Kling Stubbins to bring to life a design that complimented the campus, and as a visitor seeing the first new building you can’t help but wonder what the employees think of the place as it is a complete departure from the previous campus feeling.

Pulp Studio was honored to be selected by  Dupont to assist in the manufacturing and design of the glass elements used throughout the building. These installations feature the use DuPont products in the manufacturing process. Attached are some photos of Pulp Studio products used throughout the first building. A special SHOUT OUT to the Kling Stubbins team, Harvey Wishkoff of DuPont and R.A Kennedy for making the process and the installation a memorable experience with great results.

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Congratulations are in order.

Well it finally happened, Kate and Patrick finally got married. They insisted that no paparazzi cover the ceremony and yet their publicist sent these photos to our Shout Outs reporter. They are so LA  despite living in Maryland. We all wish them the best.

Stick me with a fork pin, I’m done

Who knew Ironman was into being needled ? Apparently Robert Downey Junior is into acupuncture as spelled out here where in March he received the Robert Graham Visionary Award. The award is named after the late Robert Graham, a dedicated trustee of Yo San University and advocate of traditional Chinese medicine.

Isn’t this great stuff and what does it have to do with Pulp Studio? Nothing! We just made the award he is holding in hands! We share your chi Ironman.

Congratulations to Grady Leser, our salesperson in Texas.

Congratulations to Grady Leser, our salesperson in Texas. He has been competing in Ironman races for the last several years. Here he receiving his metal from  Chrissie Wellington (Ironman World Champion 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011) in 2010 when his overall time for 140.6 miles (2.4 mile swim-112 mile bike ride-26.2 mile run) was 14 hours. He obviously sent us the 2010 stats to show his best performance because the Shout Outs reporter discovered his time for 2012 was 14 hours 17 minutes and 53 seconds. Obviously age is catching up with him and his time is slipping. Possibly he didn’t want to share these results with the rest of us.  Good job Grady!