Latest Happenings at Pulp Studio HQ in Los Angeles, CA

Pulp Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Forth Worth Pays Tribute

On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy has his life ended as a leader, a man and a father. A senseless act has cast a shadow over this country still 50 years later. In an effort to commemorate his legacy the City of Forth Worth has recently erected a memorial in his name as a permanent reminder of his vision and contributions. Pulp Studio was proud to be selected to produce the graphic imaged glass used in the memorial utilizing SentryGlas Expressions Technology by DuPont. The project was managed by Grady Leser, one ours salespersons in Texas and installed by Alliance Glass of Keller Texas. It will stand as a proud part of our company and country’s history. …and remember “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can for your country.”

Fragmento goes SWISS

Fragmento was introduced last year by Pulp Studio and the first major installation has been applied in a casino in Zurich Switzerland. The photos represents just one of the many bar fronts in the space that also utilizes color changing LED’s to set the mood. The fractured look of thousands of glass shards create a tremendous amount of light refraction that they reflect off the mirror backing. Joan Crawford would love this glass!

St. Paul’s New House

We were sent an interesting case study for a project just completed called St. Paul’s Episcopal Church up in the Seattle area. Our salesperson Karen Rains was thoughtful enough to send these to us so the rest of us can share in St. Paul’s new digs. By the way, the glass was made by Pulp Studio

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Lots of Marbles

Eight years ago we were commissioned to make a few pieces of glass for Cartoon Network. At the time they didn’t have a real idea what they wanted and we opened our mouth and said “what about a dual glazed unit full of marbles!”. They agreed and off we went to single handedly corner the marble market for about two weeks.

Today we received a photo from the original installer, Rountree Glass, who have installed and removed these piece multiple times. They are once again reinstalling these pieces as CN continues the remodeling of their office space. All we can say is “please don’t break it!”, we would prefer not to have to make another one.

A Toasty Remembrance

Many of you may not know that Pulp Studio had a significant setback in July of 2001. We found this old photo so we thought we would share it.

It was 4th of July weekend and this is when Pulp Studio was a mere fraction of what it is today. We occupied a 3,500 ft2 metal building and had just leased another 5,000 ft2 workshop about a mile away. On July 3rd we got a call that our original location was on fire. This location housed our samples, offices, showroom and some finished glass. The fire was started by our neighbor who ended up with minimal damage, but we on the other hand were not so lucky as you can see from the photo. Just about everything was destroyed. What we did have was our open production orders that we were making at the other location, however we had no idea who they belonged to because the reference paperwork went up in the flames. Before the fire was even put out we already had some newly purchased laptops and a strategy to put things back together and within a week we were back to shipping. Ironically, most of our customers never knew we had a fire which was a testament to our small staff at the time and our hard work in getting things back on track. After the fire we spent almost a year in construction trailers in the parking lot of the other location. The happiest day of our lives was getting out of those trailers.