Latest Happenings at Pulp Studio HQ in Los Angeles, CA

Pulp Studio, Los Angeles, CA

IN and OUT and IN and OUT

The St. Regis in Bal Harbour opened roughly a year ago and the staff at Pulp Studio lived for six months making these three dimensional mirrors from a design by Yabu Pushelberg. The mirrors intend to give the impression that you are looking at dimensional pieces of glass when it is actually a single piece of flat laminated glass. The result is cool, but the work that went into it was less than cool. We made roughly 1,100 panel and everyone on our staff had a part in getting these produced and thankful that they turned out to have a unique effect and be a focal point of the room design.


LOVE is in the AIR

Just outside of Dallas is Love Field. What was a small old fashioned commuter airport has been invigorated by Southwest Airlines into a state of the art modern hub. Pulp Studio, along with Denison Glass, was fortunate enough to bring to life a design for the new restrooms throughout the airport. Designed by Corgan & Associates the concept utilized Pulp’s water based Pintura back coated product in a variety of colors on both a polished and etched face. We LOVE it!



Welcome to TEXAS , “Apparently the Capitol of Workplace Safety”

In a recent trip to Texas Bernard and Grady had opportunity to visit the new Exxon Campus that is being build in Woodlands, just outside of Houston. They are building 15 new buildings out there and all at the same time. Due to the security in the place we opted not to take any photos of the project for fear of being shot on site (it is Texas). The best we could get was Grady decked out in all of his BRAND NEW safety gear and “loaner boots”. Grady enjoyed the day so much there is a rumor he is going back for an all day safety course. Maybe he can opine on the necessity of safety at next year’s sales meeting.


Only in California

It is always wonderful when two great California concepts come together to create an “Only In California” moment. This is what you get when you combine medical marijuana and sign spinning. The result may be chronic back pain.


A big SHOUT OUT to our salesperson in the great Northwest for her recognition as an industry leader in Hospitality. Way to go Karen.

On another Northwest update, weather for next week and the week after that…..still RAIN!