Latest Happenings at Pulp Studio HQ in Los Angeles, CA

Pulp Studio, Los Angeles, CA

THE D&G Perspective


New to the entrance of City Center in Las Vegas is a new generation of Las Vegas signage. Creating a flat piece of signage is so passé, so Dolce and Gabbana worked outside the lines to create this new articulated masterpiece complete with articulated letters that are illuminated at night. The facade is made of 6mm glass with a ceramic black coating mounted onto Pulp Studio’s Light Glass Technology for stability. The installer was Giroux Glass of Las Vegas who had to use lasers for the creation of the templates used in fabrication. Las Vegas is still the leader in the creation of unique ideas in architecture, but what happens in Vegas generally stays in Las Vegas (Sorry I couldn’t help using the catch phrase)…never to be built anywhere else. Next time you visit check out this one of a kind icon.


Orange in the Sky with an Apple Beyond


Now this is big news. So big, that it was 188″ × 96″ and 1 1/2″ in thickness. That is the size of the piece of glass installed at the new Hunter’s Point Campus designed by FXFOWLE and installed by Champion Glass of Deer Park, New York. This singular panel of transparent Orange glass with a 60″ clear diameter exposes a view of the New York City skyline. The glass was designed and conceived by the artist Natasha Johns-Messenger who collaborated with Pulp Studio to produce it. The glass was hoisted to the roof where it is embedded into a concrete wall in an outdoor recreational area of the school.


The new Long Beach, California Federal Courthouse has finally been completed. Designed by AECOM in Los Angeles, the courthouse has an extensive use of both exterior and interior glass. Pulp Studio supplied a variety of specialty products for the interiors, but the main product was the installation of over 20,000 s/f of Pintura and Pintura EG water based (LEED compliant) back coated glass. The project was installed by Woodbridge Glass of Tustin California.


Performance in the Great Northwest


On the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles is known for its proximity to Olympic National Forest and to Victoria, BC, a short ferry ride away. The traffic that occurs in the heart of downtown due to the vehicle and pedestrian ferries is a challenge to manage, but also creates a large opportunity to bring business to a stagnant downtown district if done correctly. The revitalization of the waterfront will help the City capitalize on their tourism traffic and encourage redevelopment of key buildings and empty lots downtown. The result is a wholly new destination for locals and visitors on a stretch of waterfront land that had been vacant, unused and unappealing for many years.

Working with landscape architects, transportation engineers, planners, and wayfinding experts, LMN Architects in Seattle redesigned the urban waterfront and two downtown waterfront parks to better accommodate both summer visitors and local residents. The master plan was adopted in February of 2011, incorporates increased beach and water access, parking management, bicycle and pedestrian connections on the Waterfront Trial, traffic calming, and streetscape beautification through signature paving, lighting and street furnishings. The public art portion of the project allowed us to incorporate photography of the region into gorgeous SentryGlas Expressions panels by Pulp Studio.

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Rage in LA


Well September came and went, but not without a bang. Pulp Studio held their National Sales Meeting from September 26-28. Sorry you all couldn’t be there but the two days was full of discussing old painful issues to leaning about new exciting products. We even were treated to a single Jeopardy game where the salespeople learn and cover old ground in a game setting.

But the highlight of every national sales meeting is the Saturday night event. This is always kept a secret until we get there and this year was not only special but a true Los Angeles experience. The night started out with cocktails at the hotel, nothing new there. We all boarded a bus, once again , nothing new there. Where we arrived? A truly unique event featuring women’s roller derby on a full-size and very serious banked track. We were all treated to an evening at the L.A Derby Dolls ( which is an all female, amateur banked track skating league. This isn’t the fake stuff that we used to watch on TV. No, this is serious stuff and they play to win. In fact, one of the girls on the team FIGHT CREW even had her nose broken. Yikes! In the end the experience was definitely fun and something completely different. The beer was cold and the rock band at half-time kept the group jumping and the lead singer in her leopard print outfit (who had to be at least 60 years old. I swear) was happening!

Lastly a big shout to our own Derby Doll, Rachel House (aka Marina Del Rage when she is in doll attire). Rachel skates for FIGHT CREW and did a stellar job in leading the team to a win. I am sure she won’t agree with that claim, but she is our family and in any family we like to brag about our own. Rachel works as a graphics project manager. GO RAGE!

Next year is right around the corner and who knows what’s next?

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