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A Wall that Speaks to You


Santa Monica-based architecture firm Belzberg Architects Group was tasked with renovating one of Occidental College’s buildings, and the finished project features a two-story “digital Post-it wall” to host students’ presentations and projects. The redesign focused on how students think, learn and interact with technology on such a vast scale and is situated in the inner atrium of the century-old Johnson Hall

The wall’s features include programmable LED lights installed in bright pops of color, and the t10 embedded displays on which students can view imagery, videos and presentations created by their peers. The students are also able to download a project they’re particularly interested in directly to their laptop or tablet through a specially designed app.

Pulp Studio and California Glass Bending collaborated to create the glass used on the project. The material has multiple areas where the glass transitions as a compound bend both vertically and horizontally. The graphics in the glass were created using Sentryglas Expressions with each piece being completely unique to the graphic and the shape.

The face of all of the pieces of glass were then slightly textured using Pulp Studio’s MicroFrost technique . Special attention was paid to the monitor areas where the frosting technique went from full frost to clear as a fade around the perimeter of each monitor.

Like any job reinventing the wheel is always a challenge, but the results speak for themselves as to the uniqueness of the design and installation.

Check out the video to see the wall in full operation.



Pulp Pulp Baby!!!

WE have to admit, never in our wildest dreams did we ever believe that Pulp Studio and Vanilla Ice would circle in the same sphere. Wrong again!

We were lucky enough to have THE VANILLA ICE PROJECT work with Pulp Studio for their cool futuristic doors on a project down in Miami. Check out the video here and you can find Rob (aka Vanilla Ice) and his crew installing an automatic sliding glass door using one of our pure white laminates. Look for the logo on the crate.


The Naming of a School


Recently completed Betty Fairfax High School in Phoenix installed one of Pulp Studio’s PIX patterns to dress up their windows. This particular pattern is called TREES and utilizes a two tone printed frost pattern. The project was designed by Orcutt Winslow in Phoenix, so kudos to them for selecting such a great glass company to supply it! The installer was Demers Glass from Peoria, Arizona.

The better part of this story is Betty Fairfax herself. Betty, as it turns out was quite a woman. She died at the age of 92 and worked as an educator for in the Phoenix-Union district for 57 years. For those years of service the district broke with convention and named this new school after one of their own teachers, Ms. Betty Harriett Fairfax. Now call me crazy, but that actually gives me a sense of inspiration. I didn’t know Betty, in fact never even heard her name until now, but I am sure that any woman who committed herself to 57 years of educating our youth is deserved of this honor rather than some politician. Maybe this will catch on in your State and we will begin honoring those who honor us with their unselfishness and commitment.


Built with Debits and Credits

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Pwc_5 copy
Pwc_3 copy
Pwc_1 copy

Finished late last year was a project completed for accounting firm Price Waterhouse in their Los Angeles office. Pulp Studio created two different installations for this project. The feature wall behind the reception area is a translucent wall with narrow strips of colored glass chemically bonded to the face. Some of these colored areas of two layers of colored glass creating a colored stack running vertically down the face.

The elevator lobbies utilized Pintura color coated glass with hand painted striping which coordinates with the coloring of the feature wall. Designed by AECOM in Los Angeles and installed by Rountree Glass of Glendale, California.

Experience it ALL

That is the catch phrase for the Pechanga Casino & Resort in San Diego County. We are not sure if you will experience it ALL, but  we can assure you if you stop by you can see the new GLO Litewall and PIX Earth installation at the new Umi Sushi & Oyster Bar. The project was designed by CLEO Design of Las Vegas and  installed by Quality Cabinet & Fixture of San Diego, who did a great job putting it all together.

Glo Lightwall Pechanga-Umi_Venue_1Outside Pechanga Panels-s