Latest Happenings at Pulp Studio HQ in Los Angeles, CA

Pulp Studio, Los Angeles, CA

Snow Storm, What Snow Storm?

Apparently the East Coast snow storm of January 24th was no match for our team of drivers. The morning of January 25th they were on time and unloading glass for S. Albert Glass moments after they plowed their parking lot. A definite ATTA BOY is in order.


Water and Light: The Art of Denise Amses

In a delightful article Huffington Post covers the works of Denise Amses who has engaged the people of New York with her terrific use of glass in public art pieces. Denise is the artist behind Alight and our Watercolors line of products. Click on the image below to be taken to the article and read about the evolution of her art from painting with water colors as a child to her many public art commissions.

Denise Amses

Nice to be Appreciated

Nomination Certificate

Pulp Studio was nominated as part of the project team for the Cedars-Sinai 360 Simulation Lab design. The project consists of glass products from our Metal Network collection and large radius sliding doors. The Calibre Awards recognize and honor the excellent work of project teams that have exceeded the expectations of our profession and bring life to interior design. The Calibre Awards honor the true meaning of collaboration for projects that exhibit a high level of teamwork and stunning design. Pulp has been honored with this IIDA award in the past and happy to see that the design by Cannon Design came to fruition and is being recognized for its excellence.

Dey Street Passageway FINALLY Opens!

The Dey Street Passageway is an underground passageway in Manhattan, New York City, as  part of the Fulton Center project to rehabilitate the Fulton Street complex and improve connectivity in Lower Manhattan. The Dey Street Passageway lies under Dey Street in Lower Manhattan between Broadway in the eastern end, and Church Street in its western end. (THANK YOU WIKIPEDIA)
Pulp Studio was selected by general contractor SKANSKA to build a James Carpenter Design that consisted of two scopes. The first being that PS fabricated a triple laminated glass panel that was then installed into a steel assembly. Each panel is comprised of (22) 2 1/4″ x 144″ strips of glass with mitered long edges. Yikes, try handling those without snapping them in half. The final product has a saw tooth effect with a mirrored back.
The other scope were the big black reader boards. At 158 x 94 they are installed into what is a big steel gate that swings open for service and maintenance of the monitors. On the surface not so impressive, but behind the facade is a pretty amazing piece of architecture.
Next time you are downtown, stop in for a walk. It’s better than the gym.


The Navy Pier Gets an Update

The Navy pier, once know in Chicago as the Municipal Pier until 1927, got a recent update. Alliance Glass of Chicago facilitated the installation of a chrome metallic striped insulated glass a new elevator enclosure and some yellow textured glass for the stair wells. I am sure Charles Sumner Frost, the original architect of the Navy Pier in 1916, would be amazed at how his design has changed. On your next stop in Chicago, stop by and see the glass, and experience all the things the pier has to offer.

Click on picture below for full gallery.